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Designed for companies in the Technology and Life Sciences, the business mission offers access to business opportunities and resources in the innovation and tech ecosystems of New York City and Maryland.

- Access to business opportunities and resources in the innovation and tech ecosystems of New York City and Maryland.

- Engage with key players in AI, Cybersecurity, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Ports and Airports and more.

- All participants will attend the SelectUSA Investment Summit and other premier networking events, opening doors to new possibilities and connections in your field.

Event Detail

SelectUSA is the premier & largest Foreign Direct Investment event in the US, featuring representatives from all states and major ecosystem players.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit offer several key benefits to our delegation:

(1) Networking Opportunities: The summit provides an excellent platform to meet and network with business leaders, government officials, and economic development organisations (EDOs) from across the U.S. This can be crucial for establishing partnerships and getting insider knowledge on the business landscape.

(2) Access to Resources: Delegation can gain access to a wealth of resources that can assist in understanding how to navigate the investment process in the U.S. This includes detailed information on regulatory environments, market dynamics, and sector-specific opportunities.

(3) Insights into Investment Locations: With representatives from multiple U.S. states and territories in attendance, delegation can gather comprehensive insights into different regions, allowing them to make more informed decisions about locating their investments based on factors like tax incentives, labour markets, and logistical advantages.

(4) Learning Opportunities: The summit features a series of workshops, panel discussions, and keynote addresses by industry leaders and policymakers. These sessions can provide valuable insights into the U.S. market's latest trends, challenges, and opportunities.

(5) Showcasing Innovations: For tech startups and innovative companies, the summit offers a platform to showcase our delegations' innovations to a curated audience of potential investors, partners, and customers.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit provides a significant opportunity for our delegation to connect with thousands of investors, companies, economic development organizations (EDOs), and industry experts. The objective is to gain insights, discuss business deals, and explore potential partnerships.

Prior to the Summit, the delegation will visit New York City and Maryland. The focus in these locations is designed for our Singapore companies in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT)/Tech and Life Sciences/Healthcare sectors. The agenda includes business matching and networking sessions, visits to business chambers, sector-specific ecosystems and industrial sites, and meetings with government officials, in-market players, incubators, VC, US companies, etc., to enhance understanding of the market, explore business opportunities, and identify potential sites for expansion.

New York City (NYC) Visit:

NYC is largest city in the US, with a gross metropolitan product (GMP) worth $2 trillion. NYC’s economy would rank as the ninth largest globally if considered a country. The city's significant consumer base, coupled with its position as the financial capital of the US, provides ample opportunities for business financing, partnerships and opportunities for our delegation.

NYC's strategic location on the East Coast offers logistical advantages for our delegation in terms of international trade, as NYC can also be a gateway to European markets. The tech sector in NYC is experiencing rapid growth, particularly in healthcare and finance, making the city a hub of innovation. This vibrant environment is bolstered by a diverse and highly skilled workforce drawn from local top-notch universities and its cultural diversity. Our delegation can tap into its advanced technological landscape and benefit from numerous opportunities for collaboration in research and development.

The city's mix of big multinational companies, startups, and small businesses also creates many opportunities for networking and forming valuable partnerships, essential for expanding and growing a business. NYC’s lively culture and extensive public transport system make it an attractive place to live and work, which helps attract and retain top talent from around the world.

Maryland Visit:
The delegation's visit to Maryland will focus on the Technology and Life Sciences sectors. Maryland's proximity to Washington, D.C., facilitates access to government agencies, policymakers, and international organisations. This proximity presents unique opportunities for our delegation to engage with regulatory authorities and potentially secure government contracts.

The state is recognised for its well-educated workforce and commitment to innovation. Its thriving clusters in biotechnology, cybersecurity, healthcare, and other fields offer our delegation ample opportunities for collaboration, investment, and technology transfer. Maryland also has strong infrastructure, including roads, railways, airports, and ports, which our delegation can utilise. Infrastructure advantages include the Port of Baltimore, one of the top ports on the East Coast, which enhances trade capabilities and facilitates easier access to major markets such as NYC and Philadelphia.

Maryland offers a business-friendly environment with competitive tax incentives, streamlined regulatory processes, and robust support services for entrepreneurs and foreign investors. For example, the Maryland Global Gateway Soft Landing Program offers international firms a low-risk trial of the U.S. market, providing essential resources, guidance, and financial aid to reduce market entry costs. . Beyond its economic advantages, Maryland offers residents and employees an exceptional quality of life. The state boasts vibrant cultural attractions, recreational amenities, and a diverse culinary scene.


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  • Fast-track your U.S. market growth by connecting with government, state officials, business leaders and market experts.

  • Discover the key initiatives of the Biden-Harris Administration, as well as state-level incentives and resources available to support the launch or expansion of your business in the U.S.

  • Business Matching: Our in-market specialists will organise sessions to connect you with potential business prospects, leveraging their deep understanding of the local market and extensive network.

  • Extensive Networking Opportunities: You will attend formal and informal events to meet business leaders, government officials, and sector experts. These connections can be crucial for future collaborations.

  • Guided Trips to Ecosystems and Industrial Sites: You will visit sector-specific ecosystems, such as Life Sciences, Technologies, Logistics Distribution, and industrial sites, that offer insights into the local business practices and operational environments.

  • Access to Accelerator and Financial Institutions: Connections with key business accelerators and financial institutions are essential for scaling your business. These contacts provide strategic advice & network to enhance your market presence.