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This 1-day workshop on Financial Modelling is designed to equip learners with the essential skills and tools necessary for effective business planning and building financial projections. Participants will get to learn how to leverage on Excel's powerful features to streamline data management, perform analytics and create insightful basis for financial projections and business plans. This workshop combines theoretical concepts with hands-on exercises, ensuring participants gain practical experience in applying MS Excel in their business planning and analysis process.

Participants can look forward to interactive discussions with the trainer on some interesting examples, relevant insights and real cases during this workshop.

Event Detail

During this 1 day session, participants will be guided on the following :

1. Overview of Financial Modelling

  • Golden rules of financial modelling
  • Overview of Excel interface and key functionalities

2. Overview of Financial Statements Theory

  • Basic accounting concepts
  • Income statement, balance sheet and cashflow statement

3. Building a Simple Financial Model

  • Step-by-step explanation using a case study
  • Linking financial statements for dynamic updates

4. Cashflow Forecasting, KPIs/Metrics and Scenario Analysis

  • Identify key drivers, understanding working capital and cashflow analysis
  • Identifying and calculating relevant KPIs and metrics
  • Dashboard creation
  • Scenario analysis and goal seek

Note : Participants are required to bring their own laptop with MS Excel pre-installed.


At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to :

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of financial modelling with a step-by-step guide to building a simple financial model using a case study, emphasizing dynamic updates by linking financial statements
  • learn about cashflow forecasting, identify key drivers and perform KPI and metric calculations
  • understand practical applications including dashboard creation and scenario analysis
  • improve on their strategic decision-making skills in financial planning and analysis


This workshop is for senior management, business owners/founders, finance/accounting professionals, risk investment analysts or anyone with some basic accounting concepts looking to enhance their financial analysis and planning skills using MS Excel

SGD‎638.00 (Non-Member)
SGD‎638.00 (Non-Member)