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Vietnam’s increasingly open investment environment facilitating integration with global business practices means that the country is continuously streamlining her labour laws and policies.

With the current unprecedented challenges on individuals and economies around the world due to COVID-19 pandemic, the workforce ecosystem has been badly affected. In this regard, the new Labour Code (2019) officially took effect 1 January 2021, following that the Vietnam authorities have also issued several legal documents and guidelines for the implementation including working conditions and labour relations.

Event Detail

During this ½ day session, participants will be guided on the following :

1. Labour Code & Relevant Labour Regulations
2. What constitutes an employee-employer relationship ? Alternative options for offshore foreign traders to hire personnel working in Vietnam prior to its legal presence in the country ?
3. Types of Labour Contracts - Statutory Terms & Conditions ? Is probation a mandatory requirement ?
4. How to effectively structure the employer's request for Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation Clauses ?
5. Mandatory and non-mandatory benefits of employees - how to structure for mutual benefits ?
6. Statutory responsibilities of employees (e.g. compensation for damages, training cost)
7. Grassroot Trade Union - a mandatory requirement ? Pros and Cons of setting up a Grassroot Trade Union
8. Hiring foreigners in Vietnam - practical issues ?
9. Termination of employment contracts - Rights of employees or employers ? Termination procedures ? Implications and compensations for illegal termination
10. Is COVID-19 pandemic a valid reason for employers to unilaterally terminate labour contracts ?
11. Termination and Dismissal - what are the differences ?
12. Termination package - how to calculate ?
13. Internal Labour Rules (ILR) and Collective Labour Agreement - tips for successful ILR registration
14. Labour Dispute - how to handle effectively ?


At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to:

  • receive updates on labour laws governing the workforce in Vietnam and get a clearer understanding of the dynamics and mentality of the Vietnamese employees
  • understand the key development on recent important changes to Vietnamese labour legislation
  • gain a better understanding of the overview of the latest Vietnamese labour legislation as well as the key changes that affect labour relationships in order to prepare better compliance with the current laws
  • focus on helping employers and employees to overcome legal issues, typically job reduction which may arise from COVID-19 pandemic


"I like the speaker's patience and how she explains with examples." ----- Lee Yen Chin, Head of HR

"The trainer was able to give tips and point out areas of challenge on almost every aspect that she shared. This was helpful immediately for any company to get started on this journey." ----- Victor Leong, HR Manager

This workshop is for HR professionals, practitioners, business owners, executives, personnel, in-house legal counsels and any others who are involved in HR related work or duties in Vietnam

SGD‎378.00 (Non-Member)
SGD‎378.00 (Non-Member)