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China's business environment is characterised by specific regulations, cultural nuances, and legal frameworks that significantly influence HR practices. From recruitment and on boarding to employment contracts, tax obligations, and termination procedures, each facet of human resources is intricately interwoven with the country's dynamic socio-economic landscape.

Recognising people as a pivotal business asset, companies must grasp the intricacies of HR practices in China. Implementing tailored processes and policies becomes imperative to sidestep substantial compliance costs. This proactive approach not only ensures regulatory adherence but also aligns operations with the nuanced Chinese business environment, fostering success through harmonious integration with cultural and legal dimensions.

Join us for this insightful seminar on navigating China's intricate business environment, where we'll delve into the nuances of HR practices—from recruitment to termination procedures—ensuring regulatory compliance and successful integration with the diverse landscape.

Event Detail

-Overview of Applicable Laws and Regulations

-Different Options in Hiring

-Labour Contract and Important Considerations

-Employee Handbook as a Defense for Employers in Employee Management

-The Setup Process for On boarding of Employees

-Understanding the Social Security System in China

-Concept of Minimum Wage in China

-Personal Income Tax Filing as an Employer Obligation

-Termination of Labour Contracts

-Expatriates and Global Hiring Solutions

-Case Studies

-Q&A session


Trainer Profile 22 Jan 2020, Wed

Yeo Lee Soon is a Director from the China Business Advisory of Stone Forest to head the corporate advisory services unit in North China. He provides advisory services to Singapore companies with operations in China, helping them in tackling challenges that they encounter in reporting, tax, human resource and corporate compliance. He is a qualified accountant with more than 20 years' experience.

Prior to joining the group to add firepower to grow the advisory business, he spent a considerable amount of time in China providing business advisory services to Singapore companies. He assisted Singapore companies to set up and restructure their finance departments in their PRC subsidiaries, which included hands-on supervision, training and implementation of accounting systems, as well as the development and implementation of Policies and Procedures for the PRC entities.

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SGD‎450.00 (Non-Member)
SGD‎450.00 (Non-Member)