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  • JS-SEZ Joint Investor Forum on 11 July 2024


After months of in-depth discussions and comprehensive research among Singaporean businesses, the JS-SEZ Joint Investor Forum aspires to become a platform for businesses to grasp the vast array of opportunities that could arise if this initiative gains traction. Additionally, it aims to provide a forum for key stakeholders to hear the needs articulated by businesses, thereby laying the groundwork for collective success.

Event Detail

Johor and Singapore boast a rich history of economic interdependence, where Singapore's rapid development has consistently influenced Johor's landscape through cross-border investments and the movement of people and goods.​

The concept of the JS-SEZ was proposed to leverage on the strategic geographic proximity of Johor and Singapore, with the potential of creating a vibrant economic zone poised to attract investments, foster trade, and catalyze employment opportunities. This initiative aims to synergize Johor's abundant land resources with Singapore's advanced infrastructure and robust financial systems.​

During this event, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) will launch the findings of the JS-SEZ business survey and interview sessions. There will also be two panels, one exploring the challenges to overcome and the key factors essential for the success of the JS-SEZ, and another exploring the potential benefits and opportunities arising from a successful implementation.



People who are keen to network and learn from businesses that are already in Johor, and also to listen to the issues existing businesses face. Get acquainted with authorities in Malaysia who are facilitating investment and business growth. And hear what will be the wish list for an SEZ.

Contact Detail

If you require any further information, feel free to contact Carrie CHAN at carrie.chan@sbf.org.sg.
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