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MS Excel is a powerful data visualisation and analysis tool. With the latest Microsoft 365, MS Excel allows you to organise your data in familiar spreadsheets and easy workbooks, with all changes saved automatically. You can also create modern visuals that turn numbers into valuable insights for your audience.

Data Visualisation is the representation of data through use of charts, plots, tables etc. These visual displays of information communicate complex data relationships and data driven insights useful for management to make sensible business decisions. Data Analysts and Scientists often use data visualisation to explain and uncover patterns, trends, concepts and outcomes, formulate new ideas and understand relationships.

This is a 2-day MS Excel mastery workshop. Participants can look forward to interactive discussions with the trainer on some interesting examples, relevant insights and practical hands-on session.

Event Detail

During this 2-day session, participants will be guided on the following :

Day 1 : Master MS Excel 365

1. Shortcut Keys

  • keyboard shortcuts an essential alternative to using a mouse

2. Find/Remove duplicates

  • to clean up data before use

3. Cell Referencing

  • create better formula so that calculations can be performed in a faster way

4. Conditional Formatting

5. Functions (Part I)
Calculate and manipulate data - learn list of useful functions :

  • Statistical Functions - AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, RANK to derive property of the data in a cell range
  • Count Functions - COUNTBLANK, COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF to count the number of entries in a cell range
  • Logical Functions - Use IF to display a value based on a condition set. Use IF AND, IF OR, MULTIPLE IF to display a value based on multiple functions

6. Functions (Part II)
Other useful functions :

  • Text Functions - LEFT, RIGHT, CONCATENATE, TRIM, UPPER, LOWER, PROPER to manipulate text data
  • Lookup Functions - VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP to search a table for the corresponding value that match the desired key value

7. Introduction To Pivot Table

  • Summarise big data and analyse them to see comparisons and patterns
  • Create meaningful summary including Subtotals and Grand Totals
  • Learn how to apply Filter, Sort and Grouping in Pivot Table

Day 2 : Master Data Visualisation

1. Introduction to Data Visualisation
- Definition of data visualisation and dashboard
- Steps in creating dashboard

2. Introduction to Power Query (found in MS Excel 365)
- Ways to use Power Query to obtain data from multiple sources (e.g. from more than one worksheet or workbook)
- Learn to clean data to be good for use in dashboard

3. Common features / objects used in Excel dashboard
- Excel table
- Drop-down list using data validation
- Shape/SmartArt diagram for KPIs
- Excel functions (e.g. Index Function, Match Function etc)
- Pivot Slicer and/or Timeline for multiple Pivot Table reports
- Excel charts (e.g. Line, Bar, Column, Combo, Pie, Doughnut charts etc)
- Sparklines


At the end of the 2-day workshop, participants would be able to :

  • gain expertise in organising data by using modern formulas and presenting them clearly to their audience
  • assign, manage and complete tasks for data analysis/decision-making purpose
  • explore the compelling benefits of using MS Excel 365 and maximise its efficiency for their daily work
  • create effective visuals, showcase meaningful dashboard presentation (for benchmark, KPI performance measurement) to their target audience


"I love this workshop ! It was mind-blowing brilliant and insightful. I only realise how much I am under optimising MS Excel through this workshop." ----- Kwan Jianle, Assistant Manager - Strategic Events & Partnership

"A very useful training." ----- Flora Zhang, Director

This workshop is for working level executives from finance, marketing, sales, business development or anyone who wishes to master MS Excel 365 and utilise its essential features and enhanced tools to demonstrate or communicate data findings.

SGD‎938.00 (Non-Member)
SGD‎938.00 (Non-Member)