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Are you a Payroll HR specialist struggling to stay on top of complex regulations, manual processes, and ever-changing compliance requirements? Join us in this masterclass designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate the complexities of payroll.

At the end of this masterclass, you will gain a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and payroll calculations. You would be able to apply your knowledge through interactive case studies and hands-on exercises with manual calculations vs payroll system. Discover efficient payroll solutions and learn from our experienced trainer to avoid common payroll and HR mistakes, ensuring both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Event Detail

  • Overview of Payroll Cycle
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Employment Act:
    • Coverage (Workman/Non-Workman/Core Provisions)
    • Contract of Service Vs Contract for Service
    • Employment Claim Tribunal (ECT)
    • Wrongful vs Legitimate
  • Government-Paid Leave (E.g. Maternity, Paternity)
  • NS Claims
  • Discuss coverage and rights (Regarding Job Type, Salary Criteria, Industry)
  • Interactive session: Sharing of Case Studies (Wrongful vs Legitimate)
    • Learn to derive an opinion based on coverage criteria and applicable rights
  • Ministry of Manpower Definitions
  • Basic Rate of Pay
  • Gross Rate of Pay
  • Monthly Wage
  • Payment Deadlines
  • Hours of Work & Overtime
  • Discuss the calculation of payroll via MOM-prescribed formulas & specific payroll items
  • Hands-on calculation:
    • Basic Rate of Pay
    • Gross Rate of Pay
    • Monthly Wage
  • About Central Provident Fund (CPF)
    • Definitions
    • Contribution Parameters
    • Ordinary Wage
    • Additional Wage
    • Self-Help Groups
    • Skills Development Levy
    • Administration
  • Discuss the calculation of payroll with consideration of CPF contributions & specific payroll items
  • Hands-on calculation of CPF contributions
  • Process multiple payroll entries with system
  • FAQ(s)


Please bring along your laptop or tablet for the hands-on payroll calculation exercise.


Employers, New & Experienced HR Payroll Specialist, Business owners and Professionals

SGD‎536.00 (Non-Member)
SGD‎536.00 (Non-Member)