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Witness firsthand Japan’s commitment to digitalization, exploring trends in e-commerce and the transformative journey of Japanese enterprises. In the realm of artificial intelligence, Japan boasts an impressive $12 billion AI market, showcasing its pivotal role in shaping industries. Delve into the world of automation, where Japan's manufacturing sector, leveraging more than 300,000 industrial robots, exemplifies how automation is enhancing productivity and fostering groundbreaking innovations.

Engage with Japan's tech leaders, innovators, and government representatives. The workshop provides an informal setting for networking and collaboration, offering opportunities to exchange ideas and establish connections that may pave the way for future business ventures in Japan. Secure your spot at the SBF Overseas Market Workshop to position your business for potential success in Japan's evolving tech landscape.

Event Detail

20 – 24 May 2024
Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area


• Relevant policies and incentives updates by local government agencies and relevant industry experts
• Sector-specific business opportunities and strategies
• Field learning from leading innovative Japanese companies
• Networking sessions with local and Singapore business community in Japan


• Gain an understanding of digitalization trends, industry-specific market dynamics, policies, and relevant technologies, while enhancing awareness of Japan's political, economic, and business culture.
• Acquire knowledge of market trends and stay updated on the latest advancements in AI, IoT, and emerging technologies across various industries.
• Recognize the Japanese government's efforts to foster innovation and implement smart technologies through hands-on learning experiences and site visits, translating these opportunities into potential partnerships.

SGD‎2,988.00 (Non-Member)
SGD‎2,988.00 (Non-Member)