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  • Overview Of Employment Law in Singapore, Workplace Discrimination & Harassment *limited seats !*



Employment law in Singapore has become one which provides greater protection for employees, and soon for gig workers who may not be employees. The protection for employees extends to the benefits they are provided, including salary, overtime, various leave types, promotions, requirements to ensure health and safety, well-being and mental health, even ensuring that there is due inquiry if there is to be a termination. Fair employment practices, no discrimination, no bullying and other workplace harassment issues are important focus areas.

Employment laws are contained in several pieces of legislation, guidelines as well as general common law. There is/will be a new Workplace Fairness legislation, which governs discrimination. This means it is not always easy to clearly understand the scope for compliance and to ensure no defaults. A failure to understand and implement carefully could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil and administrative liabilities for organisations.

Event Detail

During this 1-day session, participants will be guided on the following :

1. Overview of Employment Law in Singapore

  • Relevant legislation and rules governing employment laws
  • Employment Act - its scope and coverage
  • Employee - Employer relationship defined

2. Developments in Legislation on Workplace Fairness And Applicability to Discrimination Issues

  • Relevant legislation and rules, including TAFEP rules
  • Scope of discrimination laws
  • Hiring practices and continuation into employment

3. Workplace Harassment

  • What is Harassment ?
  • What is Workplace Harassment ?
  • Relevant legislation, rules and guidelines
    -Protection of Harassment Act
    -Tripartite Advisory on managing Workplace Harassment
    -Workplace Safety & Health Act 2006
  • How does Workplace Discrimination tie in with Harassment ?
  • How to handle harassment issues ?
  • What steps to take for reporting, investigation, due inquiry, appeal ?
  • Who should be responsible for managing harassment complaints ?
  • Reporting the incident to regulators, such as the police or other authorities
  • Compliance processes for harassment

4. Fundamental Terms and Conditions of Employment, ensuring Fair Employment Practices at all times

  • Key employment terms and how employment contracts and handbook interplay
  • How fair employment practices interplay into managing employees
  • Statutory terms, conditions & non-statutory benefits
  • Maternity benefits & protection, Childcare Leave (High Level)
  • Payment of salary & deduction and other benefits
  • Overtime payments, allowances and other payments
  • CPF payments - what is payable ?
  • Deductibles
  • Managing employee career paths, promotions and well-being

5. Ending employment relationship

  • Resignation, Termination, Mutual Separation, Redundancy - how should an employer avoid a dispute when terminating
  • Premise for ending employment relationship, including how to give notice, perform due inquiry or performance improvement plan
  • Construction dismissal
  • How fair employment practices interplay into ending relationships with employees
  • Managing disputes - best options, TADM, ECT, Courts
  • Garden Leave
  • Restraint of trade - Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation

6. Requirements under the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act 2006 and Workman Injury Compensation Act (WICA) 2019

7. Protection of Personal Data

** Additional Topic Coverage **

Discussions and sharing on Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) new guidelines would be included


At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to :

  • receive the latest updates on labour laws that cover all aspects of employment to ensure good employment standards and safeguard the basic terms, working conditions for all types of employees
  • iron out the differences and resolve complex issues faced by HR personnel
  • learn about the good and fair practices of employers today through some of the relevant case examples discussed


"The speakers were very engaging and understandable. The case examples made the topic relatable and the contents captivated my interest throughout." ----- Fatin Fong, Accounts & HR Manager

"Good for hiring/people managers to attend for alignment." ----- Irene Chung, HR Director

This workshop is for business owners, HR professionals, practitioners, executives and any other personnel involved in HR related work

SGD‎608.00 (Non-Member)
SGD‎608.00 (Non-Member)