Doing Business in the New Norm-Everything Goes E and Virtual



The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global landscape dramatically. E-Commerce has grown explosively during the pandemic and is set to continue its meteoric rise. In 2020, global B2B ecommerce transactions hit more than USD 6 trillion! Estimates have put the compounded annual growth rate Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) at more than 24%. This will lead to significant uptick in business as more corporations move online in their procurement. Businesses can set themselves up to succeed by participating in the trillion-dollar opportunity.


The disruption that the Covid-19 has also caused businesses to quickly transit domestic or cross border meetings/events online rather than in the traditional in-person format.


Hosting an all-virtual meeting/event is uncharted territory for many organisations, requiring careful consideration of its purpose organisation can engage their stakeholders in new ways while also growing their business. Seamless and invisible technology can create exponential opportunities to extend brand content and build attendee connections — leading to impactful, differentiated experiences for the long-term.


Join us in this complimentary webinar to find out how you can position yourself and engage your stakeholders with the right virtual event platform.


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3.00 pm

Building Virtual Business Pipeline

Presented by: Mr Ian Dyason, CEO & Founder, Growth Consulting Asia and former Supply Chain and Logistics Academy CEO



Virtual Environments That Recreate the Best of Our In-Person Experiences

Presented by: Ravi Bahl, Director, MAGES Institute of Excellence


4.00 pm

Professional Conversion Programme-Internationalisation Professionals

Presented by: Mr Eady Ng, Senior Manager, SBI, Singapore Business Federation


4.15 pm

Questions & Answers

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