Established by the Singapore Business Federation, the SBF Business Institute (SBI) aims to help SBF members and the wider business community build capabilities and achieve inclusive and quality-driven growth as Singapore restructures. SBI will leverage professional practitioners, certified trainers and successful Business Mentors to help companies address pertinent business challenges by providing training services tailored to upgrading capabilities and up-skilling the workforce. For more information about SBF Business Institute, please click here.

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Import/Export Business & International Trade - Cancelled13/04/2020SB200248
Advance Letters of Credit - Cancelled13/04/2020SB200254
[Dynamic E-Learning] Leading Across Cultures15/04/2020SB200204
[Dynamic E-Learning] Strategic Decision-Making in Int Market15/04/2020SB200213
Intro to Marketing & Advertising for Consumer (POSTPONED)15/04/2020SB200128
Overview of Employment Law in Singapore (POSTPONED)15/04/2020SB200135
[Dynamic E-Learning] Understanding Financial Statements22/04/2020SB200216
[Dynamic E-Learning] Digital Marketing & Customer Funnel22/04/2020SB200217
Intl Business Social Media Strategies & Market Research Info22/04/2020SB200136
Managing GST Effectively for Businesses - Cancelled22/04/2020SB200246
[Virtual Learning Series] Comm During the COVID-19 Crisis22/04/2020SB200296
Data Analytics : Insights You Need To Improve Your Business23/04/2020SB200131
Practical Tips For Venturing Into Myanmar (POSTPONED)24/04/2020SB200129
Empathy Series 2020 - Humanising the Modern Workplace24/04/2020SB200071
Finance Essentials : Investing & Financing (POSTPONED)27/04/2020SB200132
Strategic Procurement Management27/04/2020SB200133
New Incoterms 2020 - Cancelled27/04/2020SB200273
Letters of Credit : An In-depth Understanding (Cancelled)28/04/2020SB200253
Apply Skills Framework For HR Planning and Management28/04/2020SB200267
[Dynamic E-Learning] Strategic Decision-Making in Int Market29/04/2020SB200218