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Generative AI refers to a branch of artificial intelligence focused on creating new content such as images, texts, music that is original and realistic. Unlike traditional AI which is often used for classification or prediction tasks, generative AI is designed to generate entirely new data based on patterns learned from existing data. It powers virtual assistants, chatbots and personalised content recommendation systems, enhancing user experience. Today, generative AI has expanded applications in various fields including art, design, medicine and entertainment. ----- the above paragraph was auto-generated by ChatGPT

Event Detail

During this 1 day session, participants will be guided on the following :

Part I - Generative AI : An Introductory Exploration

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

  • Brief history of AI
  • Understanding AI, ML and DL
  • Differentiating Traditional Programming and Machine Learning
  • Key Applications : Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Networks Explained
  • Hands-on activity : training a machine learning model with teachable machine

2. Introduction to Generative AI

  • Understanding Generative AI and training processes (e.g. ChatGPT)
  • Overview of Large Language Models
  • Comparisons : ChatGPT vs Copilot vs Gemini
  • ChatGPT's capabilities and limitations
  • Effective prompt writing techniques
  • Limitations of ChatGPT
  • Generative AI capabilities (Text Generation, Summarising, Proofreading etc).

3. Practical Engagement with Generative AI

  • Effective conversations with AI
  • Prompt construction using the CO-STAR framework
  • Hands-on : crafting emails, proofreading reports
  • Hands-on : brainstorming and creating mind maps
  • Hands-on : generating system messages
  • Custom AI solutions (e.g. Pair Chat for Singapore Government)

4. Challenges in Generative AI

  • Hands-on exercises : writing recommendations, handling customers' complaints, business proposals development, product naming
  • Address real world scenarios

5. Ethical Considerations in AI

  • Understanding biases, privacy concerns and regulatory compliance
  • Ethical implications of AI in business

6. Generative AI in Programming

  • Utilising AI for coding tasks
  • Hands-on: generating Excel Formulas

7. The Future of AI

  • Emerging trends and developments
  • Specialised AI models
  • Microsoft Copilot and Generative AI in image generation

Part II - Strategic Insights and Business Transformation

Exploring business use cases in :

  • Marketing : Automated content creation
  • Sales : Personalised sales proposals
  • Human Resource : Resume screening and candidate profiling
  • Finance : Automated financial reporting
  • Administration : Automated documentation
  • Manufacturing operations : Product design optimisation

Group brainstorming :

  • Collaborative session to identify AI applications in various business segments
  • Focusing on innovation, challenges and ethnical considerations

Hands-on AI Application Activity :

  • tools for idea generation or problem solving
  • Practical exploration of AI capabilities and limitations

Group presentations and discussions :

  • Presentation of ideas and hands-on experience
  • Discussing practicality, Impact and Ethical Aspects of AI applications

Note : This is a full day hands-on practical workshop with group discussions in-between. Participants are expected to have their ChatGPT 3.5 sign-in account ready before class starts.


At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to :

  • understand better and clearer about Generative AI, its practical applications in a corporate context
  • learn practical skills that can be directly applied in their workplace
  • explore real-world scenarios and case studies that demonstrate the impact of AI in various business functions


“The lecturer's sharing was concise and well put together.” ----- Kelvin Tan, Senior Manager

“Like the sharing and comparing of different AI platforms.” ----- Briana Wong, Learning & Organisation Development Manager

This workshop is for office or business executives who wish to achieve a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI to equip themselves with the necessary skills and insights to implement AI-driven solutions in their business operations. They must be prepared and ready to become AI-powered corporate professionals to harness the potential of AI for business excellence and innovation.

SGD‎808.00 (Non-Member)
SGD‎808.00 (Non-Member)