Singapore Business Mission to Bangladesh

About Bangladesh


  • With a population of just over 160 million, the country has a strong consumer demand and the consumer goods market, ranging from white good and clothes to fintech, is growing fast.


  • As of 2019, the country had a GDP of 286 billion.
  • The world’s seventh fastest growing economy with a rate of 7.3% real GDP annual growth in the first quarter of 2019.


  • The 7th largest natural gas producer in Asia with 26 gas fields of production producing about 2,700 million cubic feet of natural gas daily.
  • Produces other natural resources such as coal, petroleum, and timber that provides energy for consumption domestically and industrially.
  • A leading inland fisheries producers, producing more than 2.8 millions tons of fish every year, provides about 1.4 million job opportunities.
  • One of the largest producers of rice, jute and other agricultural products in the world.

Sectors of Opportunity

  • Infrastructure and urban solutions continue to be in high demand as the central government has embarked on plans to reduce congestion and de-centralise its activities away from Dhaka, to other cities.
  • ICT and its related business services are a vibrant sector supported by an enthusiastic culture and a government committed to providing a pro-business climate. Over 400 IT companies are now thriving in the country supplying to local and international markets worldwide.
  • The country continues to industrialize the importance of power generation and electricity supply becomes a key government priority.
  • Accelerated growth of manufacturing will be necessary in the coming years to absorb the incremental labour force, strengthen backward and forward linkages with agriculture and services sectors, cater to the growing domestic demand for industrial goods, and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the global market.
  • Growing demand for consumer goods due to the rise of the young middle class and affluence population.

8/24/2020 - 8/30/2020

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