Water-Waste-Food Market Entry Programme: Nordic Showcase

  • ARTASFi(https://artasfin.fi/) is a house of state-of-the-art solutions in environmental technologies focusing on water, wastewater, air and bioenergy.

  • Dewaco (http://dewaco.fi/) offers complete sludge thickening, dewatering, and sludge removal systems water and wastewater treatment.

  • Flootech (http://www.flootech.com) supplies complete and advanced process solutions for intake screening, water treatment plant, demineralised water treatment, wastewater and water reuse.

  • Scandinavian Water technology (ScanWater) (http://scanwater.no) supplies water and wastewater products and solutions to fulfil needs within the following markets. Water Solution (turnkey projects); Humanitarian & Aid; and Municipal.

  • Sofi Filtration (http://www.sofifiltration.com) provides an industrial water filter to address the water purification challenges. Sofi specialises in automated and self-cleaning microfiltration technologies.

  • Valmet Automation (http://www.valmet.com/wastewater) provides future-proof automation solutions for pulp, board, paper, tissue, energy, marine and process industries also including the wastewater industry.

  • N2 Applied (http://www.n2.no) aims to improve global food production by increasing yield and reducing emissions. It has developed a patented technology that enables farmers to produce their own fertiliser using slurry or digestate, air, and electricity.

  • Norsk Biogass (http://www.norskbiogass.no)develops products and services geared towards the waste to the energy market. It enables the efficient separation of organic material from plastics and other packaging materials in existing waste streams.

  • TerraMarine (http://terramarine.no) collaborates with partners to transform waste resources into high-quality fertilisers for agriculture and green markets. The end products are exported to countries and places with a great need for natural organic fertiliser.

  • RiverRecycling (http://www.riverrecycle.com) offers a sustainable solution to prevent ocean plastic pollution. They have developed a technical solution to effectively remove floating debris from river systems and a value creation model that can support local livelihoods and economic development.
     For more profile info about the 10 Nordic companies: http://bit.ly/nihsg-wwf-selected-nordic-companies-21

For more info about the Water-Waste-Food Market Entry Program: http://bit.ly/nihsg-wwf-deck-21

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4/22/2021 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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