Overview of Employment Law in Singapore


Employment law in Singapore has been evolving over the last half a decade and continues to do so.  The buzz phrase is fair, responsible and effective employer.  However, this opens the door to a more difficult work environment to manage, unless one knows how to navigate the issues.  Employment laws are contained in several pieces of legislation, guidelines as well as general common law. Alongside this, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the evolving polices that affect employment enforcement in Singapore.  A failure to understand and implement carefully could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil and administrative liabilities.  This interactive session reviews and explores the following critical issues:

Course Outline 

  • Employee - Employer Relationship Defined
  • Relevant Legislation and Rules Governing Employment Laws
  • Employment Act
  • Scope & Coverage of Employment Act
  • Statutory Terms, Conditions & Non-Statutory Benefits
  • Maternity Benefits & Protection, Childcare Leave (High level)
  • Hiring Practices – What are the Key Issues Today in Singapore?
  • Tafep Rules, including proper advertising, avoiding allegations of discrimination
  • Hiring Singaporeans, PRs and Foreigners – How to manage this?
  • Key Employment Terms, and Need for Contract – Drafting Tips
  • Need for consideration for employment contracts
  • Payment of Salary & Deductions and Other Benefits – What must employers remember and what employers usually get challenged for?
  • Determining what constitutes salary and packaging it right
  • Overtime payments
  • Managing allowances and other payments
  • Recognising what is deductible  
  • Making CPF payments, what is payable on, how to calculate
  • Ending Employment Relationship – Resignation, Termination, Mutual Separation, Redundancy – How Should an Employer Avoid a Dispute When Terminating?
    • Premise for ending employment relationship
    • How to give notice and avoid a dispute
    • Discrimination
    • Managing redundancy  
    • Termination package
    • Restraint of trade – Non-compete, Non-Solicitation
  • Managing Disputes – What’s the Best Option?
  • TADM
  • ECT
  • Courts
  • Recognising what is deductible  
  • Making CPF payments, what is payable and how to calculate

Who Should Attend

HR professionals, practitioners, business owners, executives and other personnel involved in HR related work.

Trainer Profile