Executive Series : NICF - Data Storytelling (SF)

SBF Business Institute (SBI) is partnering with Institute of Systems Science at National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS) for this Executive Series of digital competency training courses. This is a 3-day virtual learning programme with accreditation under National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF). The completion of this course + 4 other courses and a 4 months Capstone Project made up the Professional Diploma in Digitalisation (see illustration below)


Data visualisation is about using information design to present data visually. It consists of 3 main parts : data, visualisation and storytelling. In fact, data visualisation becomes a new language for storytelling. It is important for professionals to express complex ideas in simplest manner, using visualisation to tell a story via graphical depiction of statistical information.

Course Outline

1. Identify the principles of data visualisation
2. Identify the different types of questions and analytics patterns
3. Conduct exploratory and diagnostic analysis
4. Develop a dashboard as data storytelling mechanism for business purposes
5. Develop infographics as data storytelling mechanism for broad communication 

Learning Objectives

This course aims to :

- equip the participants with essential knowledge and skills to effectively collate and consolidate data, to quickly present data in the most interesting visual manner, to accurately analyse and interpret the hidden trends and patterns, and to concisely improve decision making

- Using real life case studies and demonstrations, the participants will be introduced to the power of data visualisation in conducting exploratory and diagnostic analysis and representing them visually, as well as to create a dashboard for infographics for broad communication

Who Should Attend

- Anyone with an interest or need to understand data visualisation for storytelling.
- Business or IT professionals seeking to improve analytical skills in handling and presenting large amount of data for business insights
- Individuals with no knowledge or experience in data visualisation and storytelling but would like to gain some knowledge in the area to explore work opportunities in business analytics

Trainer Profile

Dr Tan Jen Hong
Lecturer & Consultant, Artificial Intelligence Practice 
Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering), National Technical University (NTU)
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Production in Engineering), Minor in Chinese (NTU)

Dr Tan develops algorithms. He specialises in deep learning, image processing and medical image diagnosis. He designs illustrations, web page and posters. He was the co-Principal Investigator of 6 research grants and 3 clinical trials. He and his team members co-developed algorithms to diagnose breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart attack, fatty liver, diabetic retinopathy, epilepsy and glaucoma. He has published more than 90 journal articles, 12 of which are deep learning related. 

Worldwide, his publications are cited more than 2,000 times.