*RISE* Data Analytics: Insights You Need To Improve Business

This is a day virtual learning programme. Upon successful registration and payment, registrants will be sent a web link and access details of the workshop.


Today, data may well be the "most valuable currency". Do you agree with this saying ?

The utilisation of technologies leads to an accumulation of data, fuelling the need for skilled individuals who can smartly analyse them to tell facts from fiction, spot upcoming trends and seize opportunities. Data mining encompasses a range of computer technologies aimed to turn your everyday data into meaningful insights for you to improve your business performance.

Discover actionable insights from data to meet business objectives using descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics become all the more important in today's day and age. You will get to understand what has happened to your business, discover why it happened and how to harvest and monetise your data to find better solutions to solve daily business problems. 

Course Outline

  • Introduction to data mining and Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts
  • Learn practical strategies on how to leverage on Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Discover actionable insights from data and customer behaviours
  • Leverage on data findings to enhance customer experience and increase profits
  • Practical hands-on session to appreciate analytics

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and make use of various latest data analytic tools to carry out data analysis work
  • Understand the different methods and usage of data collection
  • Spot trends, similarities and differences in sets of data
  • Gain better insights in deriving solutions and conclusions to formulate actionable plans

Who Should Attend

Business leaders/owners, Data Analysts, Marketers or anyone who is keen to explore the world of data analysis to assist in understanding their business and daily work

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