Digital Competency Training : NICF - Innovation Bootcamp

SBF Business Institute (SBI) is partnering with Institute of Systems Science at National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS) for this series of digital competency training courses. This is a 1-day virtual learning programme with accreditation under National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF). Upon successful registration and payment, registrants will be sent a web link and access details of the workshop.


The impact of social media in today's world and particularly, how it influences our decision-making is undeniable. As customers get savvy so does the need for businesses and organisations to keep up with current innovations and available technological tools to remain competitive while enhancing growth opportunities.

Similarly, innovative and strategic design thinking is an equally crucial tool in any business and organisation depository to help them remain relevant, competitive and most importantly, to succeed. Digital innovation and design is a core specialisation that is increasingly becoming an essential proficiency. The potential opportunities that accompanies the understanding and skill of this area is abundant. 

Course Outline

This high energy and fun 1-day workshop provides an overview of innovation & service design, an understanding of where they can contribute and how they can contribute, and sets them on the journey to being more innovative in delivering their services.

It will introduce participants to a Human Centre Design (Design Thinking) innovation framework that embraces "User centered innovation", "Design Thinking", "Ethnographic Research" and "Customer Experience Design". These are some of the concepts that form the basis of the innovation. This course has been designed to create an awareness and expose participants to the skills needed for : 

1. Engaging users to understand their needs
2. Identifying and communicating opportunities for improvement
3. Validating the desirability of new products/process/services early in the development 

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to :
- understand the importance of service innovation & design
- think about employing some of the techniques in their own organisations
- identify opportunities to improve service delivery and/or user experience in their own organisation

Who Should Attend

Anyone in the organisation who deals with customers directly

Trainer Profile

Lim Wee Khee
Chief, Digital Innovation & Design Practice
Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing major, 2nd Upper Honours), National University of Singapore (NUS)
ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment) from IAL (Institute of Adult Learning) Executive Education (Camelot Program) from INSEAD

Wee Khee leads the Digital Innovation & Design practice at the NUS-ISS. Her team focuses on developing and delivering curriculum and consultancy projects related to the areas of user experience, service design and digital marketing.

As an industry practitioner, Wee Khee has years of experience driving digital initiatives and customer-centric programmes across Asia Pacific region. A strong collaborator and people developer, she is always keen in building capabilities and developing competencies in the domain of digital marketing, e-commerce, creative creations and experience design to support organisation priorities.

She has held various key leadership positions with global organisations from consumer technology, electronics, teleco industries and government sectors. She led the Creative Services team for element14 (Avnet) to design digital communications, customer experiences, customer relations management (CRM) programmes to drive e-commerce operations across Asia.

A brand builder at heart, Wee Khee is passionate about connecting customers to brands with well-designed customer experiences and digital innovations. She leverages both the creative and analytical aspects of marketing to drive business objectives with consumer insights, research findings and data analytics in mind. Her other expertise includes creative services & marketing strategy, integrated communications across multiple channels and digital marketing (search, social media, email, mobile, web analytics).