HCS-LSG Leadership & Innovation Masterclass Series

About HCS-LSG Leadership & Innovation Masterclass Series

Effective Leadership is about innovation, sustainability and growth. Innovation for sustainability and growth involves developing new and creative  solutions  that  address  challenges while creating opportunities. It requires businesses, governments, and individuals to adopt a long-term perspective that takes into account the impacts of their actions on people and business. With the constantly changing digital landscape, a resilient and embracing mindset is necessary to be future-ready. How can effective leadership expediate the Last Mile for successful outcomes? Staying composed, agile and flexible in their response to dire situations is an important trait of leadership. Ability to think on the spot, build and optimise existing resources are skillsets that have to be inculcated and sharpened. Equally important is the charisma of the leader to rally and focus stakeholders to harness resources to address the crisis situation and at the same time agree to disagree for the ultimate objective of resolving the crisis harmoniously.